Heating/Cooling Update: During this transition time in Spring, it is always difficult to determine when to "switch over" the heat to air conditioning. Once the switch is made, it is very difficult and time consuming to switch back. Therefore, we try to determine the most effective time to make that switch. After consultation with school administrators and staff it was decided to begin the process. All the schools with boilers have the heat turned off and the process of switching over has begun. The schools with cooling towers will be able to have air as soon as the process of cleaning the towers is complete. This process is anticipated to be completed by early next week. Thank you for your understanding, WCPS Schools
about 6 hours ago, WCPS Central Office
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Each Year, Washington County Public Schools partner with the Region Seven Virtual Academy (R7VA) to offer a rigorous, online learning experience for students who choose an alternative to the "brick and mortar" school setting. You can apply for acceptance into the program by clicking the link below. The deadline for applying for the 2024-25 School Year is July 12, 2024. Applications close at that point and acceptance notifications will go out by email on or before July 26th. If you are considering applying, please do so by July 12. If accepted, you can always remove your name from the acceptance list after July 12, but you cannot apply for acceptance after that time. https://www.wcs.k12.va.us/article/1520082
about 8 hours ago, WCPS Central Office
virtual academy
Sign ups are ending soon. If you plant to register, please do so as soon as possible.
3 days ago, WCPS Central Office
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Washington County Schools is proud to be involved in the Washington County Day of Service happening on Saturday, April 20th. This is an opportunity for all of us to be involved in giving back to organizations in our county that provide valuable services to those in need.
5 days ago, WCPS Central Office
Day of Service
Be sure to take advantage of this wonderful event!
5 days ago, WCPS Central Office
Charlotte's web
Check it out! Washington County ITRTs Andrew Smith and Thomas Larimer are featured on the VDOE's ActiVAtED Learning Podcast today: https://www.blueridgepbs.org/educational-resources/activated-learning/ #WashingtonWay @WashCoSuper
7 days ago, WCPS Central Office
Podcast for TechTrek
Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity for upcoming 5th-8th graders. To register for this camp, please use this link: https://forms.gle/MVNLwojezZfrvuWM9
8 days ago, WCPS Central Office
CTE Camp
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! On April 10, you can tune in to the Virginia Dept. of Education's podcast to hear from our very own ITRTs, Mr. Thomas Larimer and Mr. Andrew Smith. These teachers will be highlighted for their work on TECHTREK, the division's mobile STEM and Learning Lab. #WashingtonWay @WashCoSuper Tune in here: https://www.blueridgepbs.org/educational-resources/activated-learning/
9 days ago, WCPS Central Office
Techtrek interview
Reminder --- Yearbooks are on sale now ! Deadline to order April 19th ****Eclipse 2024 is here Monday. All students will get viewing glasses and a popsicle ****Link your FOOD CITY card to GSMS and help us earn BIG BUCKS for our school
12 days ago, Wendy Davis
Chef Salad Friday with Dr. Perrigan and Kasey B. https://youtube.com/shorts/isy0pyo379o?si=dGhw44MjMfDLB5d5
12 days ago, WCPS Central Office
Che Chef salad Friday.
Don't Miss the Fun!
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flag football
A BIG thanks to the HHS/PHHS combined winter guard for their performance at GSMS this morning! Congratulations on your win at Marion Senior High and good luck on your future competitions !
13 days ago, Wendy Davis
GSMS celebrates Eclipse 2024! All students will enjoy a free popsicle and viewing glasses on April 8th.
14 days ago, Wendy Davis
PE Pacer Challenge and Fundraiser. GSMS students kicked off their Pacer Fundraiser this week. Help support your student and GSMS with our fundraising efforts. All proceeds go directly to students! You may sponsor a $$$ amount per pacer completed OR make a 1-time donation.
14 days ago, Wendy Davis
Summer opportunities from the Coomes Recreational Center Below:
15 days ago, WCPS Central Office
Summer Opportunities
Summer Opportunities
Congratulations to the GSMS girls track team for their 3rd place finish at the Middle Invitational at Abingdon High School Individuals in the top 8 (scoring points): Emma H.: 100 Hurdles, 2nd place; High jump, 3rd place Paytyn F.: 100 Meter Dash, 7th place; Aspyn H.: Long jump, 3rd place Andy J.: Discus, 3rd place; Shot put, 1st place!! Sophia B.: Discus, 7th place Anna-Grace H.: Discus, 8th place; Shot Put, 4th place Desiree C.: Shot put, 8th place Girls 4x100 relay team placed 2nd (Kylee S., Emma H., Paytyn F., Aspyn H.)
16 days ago, Wendy Davis
Thanks to Ms. B's Art class for painting "the rock"!
15 days ago, Wendy Davis
Join the Washington County Public School Team! See our most recent vacancies and apply here: https://www.wcs.k12.va.us/o/wcps/page/human-resources
16 days ago, WCPS Central Office
April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. https://youtu.be/Elm2FiUoGso?si=tAHKzU2NfBlhkTlQ
16 days ago, WCPS Central Office
Autism Acceptance