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At Glade Spring Middle School, we focus on fulfilling the needs of every child every day.  Our charge is to meet the individual social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of each student.  To accomplish this, we approach each student as an individual and collaborate as a team to provide a positive learning environment.  Each day brings an opportunity for positive growth within our students.   
If you should have questions, please contact me or Assistant Principal at your earliest convenience.  You can access the Washington County Public Schools Policy Manual located in the principal’s office, library, and online at ( 
Andrew Hockett


We the staff at Glade Spring Middle School believe that:
·       each student is a valued, unique individual with different physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs
·       all students can learn
·       a safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning
·       each student should be given the opportunity to explore and apply as many areas of learning as scheduling allows
·       instructional practices should accommodate the different learning styles of the students
·       self-respect and respect for others are high priorities and should be incorporated into the curriculum
·       the school staff, parents, students, and community should share the responsibility and benefits of the total school program


At Glade Spring Middle School we believe that student learning is the main priority and that all students can learn to his/her potential. We strive to build an effective academic environment built on foundation of meaningful relationships, relevant and engaging learning activities and effective communication. Our mission is to empower all students with the ability to apply their acquired skills and knowledge, and to rely upon their personal attributes so they can lead productive lives while being contributing members of society.


The vision of Glade Spring Middle School is to inspire students to embrace social, emotional and academic challenges, giving each constant encouragement and support. We believe that it is through the strengths of our differences that our community of learning will grow.

Latest News

Return to in-person learning on Monday, January 25, 2021

Return to in-person learning on Monday, January 25 will remain as follows: Grades PK - 3 -- 4 days a week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Grades 4 - 12 -- Cohort A -- In-person learning on Monday and Tuesday / Remote learning on Thursday and Friday Cohort B -- In-person on Thursday and Friday / Remote learning on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesdays will remain as division level cleaning and remote activity.

Instruction on Inclement Weather Days

During the 2020-2021 school year, Washington County Public Schools (WCPS) will provide virtual instruction on inclement weather days as appropriate. This will depend upon the nature of the inclement weather and that impact on our community.

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Canceled

The Parent/Teacher conferences scheduled for February 11, 2021 and the coinciding 2 Hour Early Dismissal are canceled. February 11 will be a regular school day.