A student who tests positive for COVID-19 should be isolated for five (5) days from the beginning of symptoms before returning to school on day six (6) with symptom improvement and no fever over the last 24 hours. The student is encouraged to wear a mask for days six (6) through ten (10) while at school. Students are expected to participate in their learning during the days of school they are isolated, and will be counted as present for school. If a student continues to test positive on the sixth (6th) day of symptoms, remote learning can be extended up to the tenth (10th) day from the onset of COVID-19 symptoms. (The day count includes weekends.)

If a student has been identified as a close contact but is asymptomatic, the student is to attend school. If the parent chooses to keep their child(ren) home without symptoms, the student would be counted absent and require a parent note.

If a student has been identified as a close contact and develops symptoms, they should be COVID-19 tested and isolated at home if the test is positive; the student would participate in their learning remotely and be counted as present for school during the five (5) days from the beginning of symptoms.